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How the StrandAlign was created

When I gave birth to my twin boys, my husband gave me two dainty rose gold necklaces, each with the initial of the first name of each of my sons to wear together. He knew I loved wearing several necklaces at once (creating a personalized layered look). I layered them on, and even added a rose gold diamond bar; because if two is good, then three is better! I loved the three necklaces worn together and it was my daily go to look! Fabulous!

However, what I didn't love was how the dainty chains would tangle daily and I would have to spend valuable time out of my already busy day untangling them! Not fabulous.

I started searching for something that would solve my problem. Surely, if I was having this ordeal daily then others must be as well! Shockingly, I found nothing. Well, I am known to be a DIY girl, so, since I also made jewelry in my spare time, I whipped up a solution to my daily woes--and the StrandAlign was born!

I started wearing mine daily and when friends asked about it, I thought, "Why not share it with the world?"

I love my StrandAlign and I hope you will love it too!

Happy layering!