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The Stylist's Hit List with...Maria Concepcion

Maria Concepcion, Fashion Editor and Stylist 

Maria Concepcion for StrandAlign



What kinds of editorial and fashion brands have you styled as a fashion editor and stylist:

I have been a fashion market editor and stylist for over 10 years and have worked with publications such as Cosmopolitan, Life & Style Weekly, Lucky, and InStyle to name a few. I currently style fashion and accessories shoots for e-commerce websites such as Century 21, Macy's, Barneys of New York, and Target.

What are 3 must-have products you stash in your stylist's kit at all times for last minute fixes & behind-the-scenes style secrets?

The 3 must have products in my kit are glue dots, my lint roller and mini steel clamps…can't style without them! I also LOVE StrandAlign and have added it to my kit! It has made my life so much easier, no more wasting time on trying to untangle the necklaces before a shoot!

Do you have a favorite pat-yourself-on-the-back moment where you thought everything on the photo shoot was falling apart but your fashion experience or quick-style thinking saved the day?

I was once booked to style a shoot where the clothing/looks were stuck in customs and were not going to be released for days. Because of my editorial background and extensive contact list of designers and showrooms,  I was able to make appointments and pull substitute looks just in time for the shoot. 

Maria Concepcion for StrandAlign



Have you ever received a piece of advice from a fashion mentor or have personally learned to handle and work through certain fashion politics that you would share with aspiring stylists and fashion industry dreamers?

My favorite advice from my fashion mentor was... although fashion is always changing, know how to reuse old pieces. Knowing how to come up with fresh ideas and combinations with the pieces a client may already have in their wardrobe, is a valuable skill every stylist must possess.

What is your favorite trend this Fall/Winter? Is it easy to wear for everyday or do you have to take them and re-style for ready-to-wear moments?

One of my favorite Fall 2017 trends are wide belts and belted coats especially since I've had a box full of belts sitting in my closet for the longest. Now I can finally put them to use this fall!

To contact Maria Concepcion for press, styling, and additional fashion inquiries, please email her at Visit her website at, or click her LinkedIn profile: MariaConcepcion. And remember to follow her on Instagram @FashionMavenMC!