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The Stylist's Hit List...with Hannah Deely

Hannah Deely

Hannah Deely, accessories market director and fashion stylist

We are back this month to showcase our popular insider tips and tricks for styling your next fashion project! For August, we are featuring Hannah Deely, Accessories Market Director and Fashion Stylist, with some of her favorite behind-the-scenes style advice that you too can use, whether for a professional photo shoot or everyday fashion fun!


Give us a quick hit list of the latest fashion projects or photo shoots and companies you've worked with over the last few years:

Glamour magazine as Associate Accessories Editor; US Weekly magazine as Accessories Director; Oprah magazine as Contributing Accessories Editor


What are 3 must-have products you stash in your stylist's kit at all times for last minute fixes & behind-the-scenes style secrets?

 Clear packing tape. It’s perfect for taping the bottom of shoes so they don’t get damaged while the models wear them on-set. I definitely keep safety pins in all colors. Black is a MUST! It blends in best with darker clothing. And binder clips in all sizes, they are great for fitting clothing without damaging the garment and make for quicker adjustments.


Do you have a favorite pat-yourself-on-the-back moment where you thought everything on the photo shoot was falling apart but your fashion experience or quick-style thinking saved the day? 

 I was in LA on a shoot with a certain celebrity…we styled everything before the shoot, so didn’t have a lot of extra options! She took a peak at some of the outfits and said, “I’d never wear this, this won’t look good on me”… etc. I thought to myself oh sh*t here we go! Ugh.

I had to change her thinking and asked her to just try everything on and we can go from there! Sure enough, everything fit, she looked great and her attitude about the outfits did a 180. Success! Don’t judge before you try on… test new shapes, colors, trends, etc!!


Have you ever received a piece of advice from a fashion mentor or have personally learned to handle and work through certain fashion politics that you would share with aspiring stylists and fashion industry dreamers?

 I was told once to not get so emotionally attached to products that I loved or was pitching for the magazine. If it doesn’t make the cut, move on. That was hard for me but I slowly learned to edit out my favorite bags, shoes and jewelry without fashion heartache…ha!


To contact Hannah Deely for press, styling, or other fashion inquiries, please visit her website at or follow her on Instagram @hannahdeely.