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The Stylist's Hit List...with Randi Packard

Randi Packard

RANDI PACKARD, contributing stylist and market director


This month, we are featuring Randi Packard, fashion market expert and style guru with some insider tips and tricks for prepping your next trendy photo shoot:


Give us a quick hit list of the latest fashion projects or photo shoots and companies you've worked with over the last few years:

Real Simple magazine as Fashion Market Director, contributing fashion editor at Lucky, Bride's, Shape, People Stylewatch, have styled catalogs and shoots for Lilla P., LL Bean, and Burlington Coat Factory


What are 3 must-have products you stash in your stylist's kit at all times for last minute fixes & behind-the-scenes style secrets?

Nude, black and white camisoles, strapless bras, and shapewear for every inch of the body. And let's not forget the nude thongs. I keep underarm sweat shields to keep models and clothes moisture free in places I don’t want to see. And I’ve started keeping StrandAlign in my kit to keep any layered necklaces from tangling. It’s one less hassle to deal with on a shoot, and a good offense is a good defense. Love you guys!


Do you have a favorite pat-yourself-on-the-back moment where you thought everything on the photo shoot was falling apart but your fashion experience or quick-style thinking saved the day? 

I think my overall experiences as an assistant to stylist and editor has gotten stored somewhere in my "work brain". The more you work, the more catastrophes you have experienced and know how to deal with them. Sample top too small on the model? Just slit the seam in the back. Steamer exploded on the clothing? Find the blow dryer! Smudge marks on white jeans? Grab some chalk!


Have you ever received a piece of advice from a fashion mentor or have personally learned to handle and work through certain fashion politics that you would share with aspiring stylists and fashion industry dreamers?

I have learned somewhere along the way to pack each separate look in a separate garment bag along with the accessories and a picture of the entire outfit taped onto the hanger. It saves huge time on the morning of the shoot.


To contact Randi Packard with fashion inquiries and contributing stylist or editor requests, please click here:   Follow her on Instagram: @randipack