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Jumpstart 2018! Try These Easy to Manage Ideas to Make This Year the Best One Yet!


With the New Year, it’s the traditional idea of limiting indulgences with fad diets and trends, but dieter beware. Pick a nutritional plan that slightly changes over time. If you run out the gate with a total 180 degree turnaround in mind, the chances of a successful long-term change will be very low if not impossible. 

We are creatures of habit, and experts say it takes 2 months before a decision becomes a habit. So start small, commit to one healthy change each month. Want to cut out salt, sugar, wine or alcohol completely? Focus on LESS. Cut your alcohol intake by 50%. Stop yourself from putting that spoonful of sugar in every cup of coffee or tea. Put down that salt shaker! Here are 2 balanced diet plans that are best suited for adapting your everyday meals:



Get ahead of the spring cleaning curve and start combing through your wardrobe now. It’s always my dilemma that I wait too late to get-together my spring closet consignment items. Second-hand stores take spring clothes late February and early March so get them bagged up and ready to go! Throw out stained t-shirts and ragged clothes to free up your drawers and closet space. Socks that are embarrassingly worn-out and undies with frayed edges and hanging threads need to go! Out with the old and in with the new!! Separate the clothes pile into throwaway, giveaway, and consignment. And remember, do the same with your jewelry. Organize your favorites, fix broken links and chains, have the finest jewels polished and steamed at your local jewelers, and remember to store multiple chains using StrandAlign to avoid the hot mess of tangling!  



Every year, it’s always the same resolution, workout more, hit the gym every morning, get in shape and lose some weight. And yet, these habits usually stick around for as long as our fleeting attention span. So instead of dreading the workout in the gym, switch-up the mindset and focus on fun. With all the new trends in group training classes for body strengthening, circuit training, and high-intensity, there are lots of options to mix in the sweat inspiration to help keep your gym trips consistent.  Check out sports-conditioning classes like SoulCycle, or become a boxing beauty at 9Round. 


Soulcycle StrandAlign9Round StrandAlign



Taking care of your inner spirit is just as important as your physical nutrition and well-being. With all the outside stresses in life, taking care of the mind supports a solid foundation for living your best, being in the present and balancing your moods. A lot of talk these days goes about mindfulness and meditation, to take the time to shape a life towards genuine emotional intelligence. For 2018, it’s about the complete package: the mind, body, and soul! Feel free to calm your mind and relax your expectations with these amazing books and meditation teachings!


Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, StrandAlignMeditation StrandAlign


*Kate Wingard is a former Condé Nast and Hearst Fashion Editor who is obsessed with runway, ready-to-wear, and everyday lifestyle. Follow her on Insta @KateWingard, and on LinkedIn: Kate Wingard