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Getting Coal For the Holidays?! Get Naughty in Black with the Coolest Trend of the Season!



This is one category we weren’t expecting to see trending in black. Who would ever think to order activated charcoal ice cream, or a dark, shadowy cocktail made of squid ink? It’s all about the surprising twists on your favorite food and drinks for an ultra chic change to the menu. (left to right: charcoal ice cream, charcoal cafe latte, squid ink cocktail, charcoal macarons)



Layered Necklaces StrandAlign

It’s probably no surprise that we are loving the rocker-bohemian style of black jewelry hitting the fashion crowds. It’s all about the black metals, black stones, black polished and matte finishes to create this new cool vibe and to mix with other metals. And to keep your favorite dark necklaces tangle-free, StrandAlign has created the perfect style with a Limited Edition “Layer Like a Rockstar” in black oxidized sterling silver (center). 925 Suneera jewelry, rings and bangles(left), Somatic Good Fortune custom pendant necklaces(right), Tricia Ryan Studio diamond charm necklaces(far right)


Runway Collections

StrandAlign VogueStrandAlign VogueStrandAlign VogueStrandAlign VogueStrandAlign Vogue

Overpowering the runways in everything from goth and dominatrix to lace and lingerie, black has made its comeback in a big way. Designers are showcasing powerful and dramatic shades of ebony with every swatch of fabric whether silk or leather, structured, or relaxed. photos:


Beauty products

Touting the detoxifying benefits that charcoal ingredients are bringing to the beauty market, boutique to massive beauty houses are using this black powder to enrich a range of formulated products hitting the vanity counter. You’ll be able to clean out the toxins using the activated charcoal found in face creams, cleansing masks, and tinted soaps and shampoo. (left to right: Shamanuti Charcoal Cleanser, Anthropologie Blackout Face Mask, DryBar Charcoal Shampoo, Green Cove Activated Charcoal Soap)


*Kate Wingard is a former Condé Nast and Hearst Fashion Editor who is obsessed with runway, ready-to-wear, and everyday lifestyle. Follow her on Insta @KateWingard, and on LinkedIn: Kate Wingard