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6 Beauty Basics for a Youthful Neck and Décolletage

With our obsession of wearing layer after layer of necklaces, StrandAlign is also a lover of caring for our beautiful neck and décolletage--that sexy part of the body we love to show-off with our favorite pendants, charms, and stones. Keeping our skin supple below the jawline is an important part of our beauty regimen and one we can’t neglect over time. Here are 6 everyday ways to step-up our neck and chest skincare game and help slow down the aging process.  







1. Always wear sunscreen. This is the number one rule for everyone, not just women. So as early as you can start applying daily sunscreen, make sure it gets below the jawline to your neck and chest to prevent the harmful UV rays which destroy this extra delicate section of your body. Even children and teenagers outside playing sports or relaxing in the sun should be aware of keeping their skin free from the irreversible damages of the sun, so spread the word to your kids and friends too. 


2. Stop sleeping on your side or chest. I am a side-sleeper so this one is a challenge for me. It is best to sleep on your back to avoid smooshing together the face, neck, and chest areas altogether. But, changing sleeping habits can be hard, and if you can’t remember to sleep on your back, or continue to wake up with the side of your face melted into the bed, order yourself a silk pillowcase to soften the harsh pillow process of wrinkles in training. 


3. Take the nighttime or morning cleansing ritual down to the chest. While we seem to focus on our face and eye areas the most, don’t forget to go under the jawline and scrub the neck and chest. Exfoliating dead skin cells is an instant way to radiate a fresher skintone and keeps a healthier glow about the neckline.   


4. Use a moisture-rich cream on a routine basis. Everyday lotions are usually not the kind of moisturizer that effectively take care of your neck and décolletage. The rule of thumb is ‘the thicker the better’, at least that’s what I learned from my editor days at Cosmopolitan. Thicker creams have better water-retention properties and last for hours versus the thinner lotions that dry up within an hour. Choosing moisturizers that specifically target the neck and décolletage area will be more expensive as the ingredients are at active, therapeutic concentrations. If you can splurge on these specialty creams, then by all means, splurge. When applying the neck cream, always use an upward, somewhat vigorous stroking pattern. This will help massage and circulate the area.   


5. Learn a few neck strengthening exercises. Exercise in general is great for the mind, body, and soul, and those effects of routine exercise typically tightens skin over the long run. You can follow up the weekly gym and yoga classes with at-home methods to specifically tone the muscles in your neck and chest. For example, lean your head back at a restful position, then open and close your mouth while extending the jaw as far upward as possible repeating the motion for 20-30 times. This targeted exercise will strengthen your neck “cords” which are separate from the skin. 


6. It’s all about the wardrobe. Avoiding scratchy or itchy fabrics is a quick way to keep your neckline free from redness and irritation. Also, stay mindful of wearing low cut tanks and tees when out in the sun. If you love strappy tops like me, make sure to bounce back to rule #1 above, and apply sunscreen under straps and all around the neck and chest areas. Otherwise, make sure to have a coverup or huge-brimmed hat to help deter those pesky sun rays from stealing your sexy skin.