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The layered look's new best friend

I know you've seen it!  The layered look.  It's everywhere!  Wearing a bevy of necklaces, rings, bracelets together to create one perfect LOOK!  Check out our Instagram page to see great examples of this trend. One of my favorite websites: Who What Wear shows you how to master the trend perfectly.

The one dilemma is that when you layer two or more necklaces together what you can get is ONE BIG TANGLED MESS! At least that's what happened to me when I wore three necklaces together. I spent too much time daily untangling the dainty chains. Until I developed the StrandAlign (patent pending)!

StrandAlign will help keep your necklaces from twisting and tangling while you wear them and will also help keep your necklaces from tangling while you're not wearing them. Just hang them (don't lay them flat) affixed to the StrandAlign off a hook or jewelry stand and they'll be ready to go when you are!  Here are several from which to choose.

Stylists, fashion directors, and bloggers love StrandAlign to keep their necklaces looking perfect and tangle-free!

I hope you love the StrandAlign as much as we do!

Happy layering!