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Say Hello to Tangle-Free

StrandAlign is the only essential jewelry solution that keeps your layered necklaces beautifully in line without the hassle of untangling.


Stay Tangle-Free with StrandAlign!


The essential jewelry for layering necklaces while staying tangle-free!


"Some products were made by GENIUSES and @StrandAlign is definitely one of them!! Change your layering game once and for all..."

Amie Retzlaff, parent blogger

I’ve started keeping StrandAlign in my kit to KEEP ANY LAYERED NECKLACES from tangling. It’s one less hassle to deal with on a (photo) shoot... Love you guys!

Randi Packard, contributing stylist & fashion director for Real Simple, Lucky, Shape, & People Stylewatch

"I am absolutely OBSESSED with StrandAlign, it is the best idea...revolutionary..."

Jamie Rae, fashion & beauty enthusiast

"...This product has been a LIFESAVER for me. It keeps my necklaces TANGLE-FREE..."!

Stacey Royle, style blogger

"I'm completely obsessed with's PURE MAGIC!"

Marrin Costello, jewelry designer & style influencer

"I can't get over how great this invention is @StrandAlign. MAJOR GAME CHANGER!"

Shelley Malfone, fashion blogger